How is this man not in the team H.O.F


The Patriots team hall of fame continues to leave Bill Parcells out. This is the case on why it’s idiotic.
1. Mount Rushmore – The 3 most important people in Patriots history goes Robert Kraft, Bill Parcells, and Drew Bledsoe. Each played a massive role on turning a massive joke franchise into the dynasty it is. Kraft with buying the stadium and holding the lease over the team long enough to buy the team… and more importantly keeping them in Foxboro and not moving to St. Louis. Parcells taking over as coach and Bledsoe as a #1 pick coming in to win games and bringing fans into the building. Take away any of the 3 during the early 90s and it crumbles.

2. The record – Coming off Super Bowl XX the team was a mess and with ownership changes, drug issues with players, and bad coaching took them from AFC champs to the basement in no time. In the 4 seasons prior to the Tuna the team went 14-50 under 3 coaches. With Parcells in 4 seasons the team went 32-32 earning a wild card spot in year 2 then winning the division and conference title in 1996.

3. The Players – In 4 seasons Parcells brought in the following players Drew Bledsoe, Curtis Martin, Teddy Bruschi, Ty Law, Willie McGinest, Ted Johnson, Lawyer Milloy, Troy Brown, and Adam Vinatieri as a undrafted free agent. (That alone should be good enough for all fans to agree is worthy enough of induction)

On the Super Bowl XXXVI roster there was 11 players drafted by or brought in by FA known as “Parcells Guys” The only one drafted that wasn’t on that 2001 roster was Curtis Martin who was not kept because he was scene as a injury risk. Martin would retire 4th all time in rushing yards and miss only 5 games the rest of his career. Martin’s replacement would get a career ending injury ironically.
The coaching staff all coming from Parcells tree and the bringing in Bill as a coach after his firing by the Browns.

4. The butterfly affect –¬†you need to be able to buy the groceries argument never occurs a young defensive team built by Parcells with a All Pro running back in the late 90s – early 00s era that allowed teams to be physical and run the ball it’s not crazy to assume the team would win a title… Bill eventually retires in 03 and Chad Pennington backs up Drew Bledsoe, Tom Brady has 0 NFL career, and more importantly Charlie Weiss never coaches at Notre Dame.

How is this man not in the team H.O.F